Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Campaign - Photography Component

Hey everyone!
Had a rough few weeks but luckily the hard part is over and most projects ended.
My final project for this term is a campaign that I've been working on now for about 3 weeks. We were asked to choose a topic that is about any social awareness in South Africa. The campaign consists out of 4 components which a brochure and Guerilla marketing technique is compulsory. The other two can be anything related to your topic. I choose to design a double spread magazine layout and a poster because it suits my target market.

My Topic: Litter in Cape Town!
I want to make people aware of the litter in Cape Town and how it effects everyones lives. My call to action is to motivate people to pick up litter lying around them and throw it in a bin near them or keep it in a plastic bag and throw it away when approaching a garbage bin.

My Photography project is integrated in this campaign. My assignment was to make people aware of the problem and play on emotion when one looks at the photograph. I took documentary photographs throughout the streets of Cape Town to let people, living and working in the city, see how bad it looks and that they need to do something about it.

Here is my 8 photographs I took. My campaign is going to be finalized this week and I'll make sure to post it! Take a good look at these photographs, see how bad our environment looks Cape Town! and start by picking up litter and make a change not only for other people but for you!

Till Later!

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