Monday, July 23, 2012

WebDesign Training

We had website training for a week and a half. The first week was hell, I had to learn coding which wasn't so bad, but for a designer like me who is really not a fan of maths I admit, it's not fun. After that week our trainer told us that there is an easier way to create websites using the design interface... without code... SERIOUSLY!!! So we basically it was a waste of time. I know coding is cool to know and you can always go back and fix something if you have problem but I feel that for that limited time we could have gotten more advance training to be better in designing websites.

Anyway! I should probably stop complaining because I am good in what I do and I strive to do better. So I went and did more research and improved my web design skills. Here is my final website for the project. Enjoy!

*(P.S. this is not a live website, this is a screen grab)
Till Later!


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  2. Thanks for replying. It is so ironic because now I am in love with coding! Back then I might not have been interested in understanding it, but once you understand code it is fairly easy to master. I am in the process of teaching myself further complex coding with the goal to use it in my future designs. And I also admit, every graphic designer/web UI designer have to know a little bit about coding to understand to what limits they can push their designs.