Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fantasy Object Drawing

So we got this project. Very interesting project. So interesting that I actually didn't got it a 100%.
Well I've been to the first two classes and then I got sent to the Design Indaba Simulcast which was a lifetime experience. I didn't have time to do this project well so I did it in one nights time, yeah I went from 7pm to 7am without taking a break. I must say I didn't do that well, I wish I could have gotten a second chance to redo this project though. O' well, it's life I guess, you win you lose. But I must say I don't regret giving up class to go to the Simulcast!

Here is a scamp I did before the final. We had to bring an object to class and do an observational drawing from it.

This is the final. What we had to do is draw an imaginary fantasy object that we created from various pieces of mechanisms and machines. As you can see I came up with something simple that is kind of possible but also not. Well at least I did the project!

So tune in later for more uploads and well more impressive work (sarcasm)
Till Later!

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