Friday, September 6, 2013

The Me Feature!

During the month of June I had to do an internship as part of my studies and I decided to apply at RamsayMedia Publishing. For those who are not aware, RamsayMedia is one of the many publishing companies in South Africa that publishes magazines. I had the privilege to do a 5 week internship at RamsayMedia where I've put my skills to good use finally working in the industry after 4 years of study. It felt good waking up every morning and go to work for the first time in my life. There is something exciting about going to work, sitting down at your desk and do what you love. Obviously you need to enjoy it if you plan to pursue that certain profession that is going to keep you busy for the rest of your life.

I met a lot of talented and amazing people who guided me through the work process and made me feel at home. One thing that was weird, none of them asked me to make them coffee or do their dirty work, everyone was extremely nice! This made a hell of a lot of difference that they treated me as one of them. But enough about how they treated me, it is more about what I've learned. The experience was phenomenal! I mean, I've been to print factories during my years of study and I work-shadowed a guy at another publishing company, but seeing how much thought and process goes into a design of a magazine layout is incredible. I've learned a lot during my studies but I have to tell you guys, nothing beats that like how they do it in the industry.

I was not only entertained by the talented people working there, but was also assigned some small projects and layouts to design for some magazines! Seeing your name printed in a magazine knowing that the entire country will see that you have worked on that specific magazine felt GREAT! I think you get use to the whole publishing after a while, though feeling as if you achieved something greater than you did before, can't ever go away.

So when I left I actually wanted to lock myself in a room and stay there forever. The feeling of being needed get stuck in you wanting to work, but seeing that I have to finish my studies made me realise that I have something to look forward to at the end of the year. People encourages you when you are young to become something great and get a great job one day, but just before you reach that level they would stop you and scare you with talks about "how awful the big bad world is" and "reality will bite you in the ass." Honestly, I don't understand why they do that. We have to grow up someday! And I had a taste of reality, not really fun, but I am willing to jump right in and start my life.

OK so I ramble a lot, that's me! Finally getting to what I actually wanted to talk about is my magazine feature, well me inside of the magazine rather. Yeah I was called by an online magazine Shift4Ward that is a youth magazine for young professionals, students and graduates looking for an opportunity into the world of work. I was recommended by someone I worked with at RamsayMedia (THANK YOU BY THE WAY!) and I was phoned up and asked to be featured in the article 'I Want Graduate'. I got some of my friends to do a photo shoot and help me write a good article. For the first time ever I felt appreciated and that here is where my life begins as an adult looking forward to the future and becoming someone I am meant to be.

So tell me what you think of the article and please subscribe to this magazine, it is really amazing!
Also keep an eye out for more posts to come.

Till Later!

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