Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple's New Design Innovation?

I guess everyone (who is an Apple fan boy) have been following the talk about the new iOS and new iPhones being released this week. I am pretty excited about everything though I am not going to upgrade soon. Anyway so you might have heard all the talk regarding the sales for the new iPhone 5C which is suppose to be more cheaper than the original iPhone 5. I think we all expected too much of Apple though and selling a phone that is just a $100 cheaper makes a big difference, but not for us down here in South Africa.

I guess I am disappointed to see that the phone will cost you $100 on a 24 month contract (in the US might I add) but it is still so expensive! It will probably be R299 again on a low budget contract and believe me you, this is NOT cheap when living in South Africa. I am paying R560 for my iPhone contract! Most people prefer the standard route which probably is R120 or even R75. So the point that I want to make is that unfortunately it won't be cheap, but who knows, maybe things change once it arrive in South Africa.

Back to the design of things!
I was reading a comment the other day where a bunch of know-it-alls has claimed that Apple might have lost their mo-jo. Announcing a suppose to be new innovative Apple iDevice, they just change the colours of the iPhone 5 to make it more attractive to people. They way I understand what Apple is trying to achieve here is not to actually bring out "a new iPhone" but to improve on the ones we have. That said if you would go back in history and look at the iPhones released previously;

      2007 - iPhone 3G (better known as the 'Jesus phone')
      2008 - iPhone 3G S
      2011 - iPhone 4
      2011 - iPhone 4 S
      2012 - iPhone 5
      2013 - iPhone 5 S + iPhone 5 C

To just recap what is going on above; In 2007 when the revolutionary iPhone was announced it was then when Apple made history in the mobile markets, just like when they released the iPod, EVERYONE wanted one!
If you have noticed the pattern of the iPhone release dates, Apple is just improving on the models with every release. So the point that I want to make is these people discussing Apples lack of innovation are just a load of crap. Sure Apple has probably fail to impress YOU but do they really need to impress the world all the time?

The latest iOS is being released today! and I think to celebrate a new innovation people have to turn away from the iPhone for a while and appreciate the incredible re-design of the iOS (more about this on the next post). So people also complained that they expected Apple to reveal some sort of iWatch or iTV. What people need to understand is once there is a new trend going around Apple won't follow that trend because that is not what type of company Apple are. Obviously they want to be the best, but being the best going towards other companies with fancy gadgets and stuff is just NOT Apple's style. People need to realise that Apple is NOT a trend follower but a trend setter. That said maybe next year they will release a new better iPhone that will make other companies like Android or Samsung look bad. Not that they plan to but they know when the time is right.

I think the new iPhones look actually cool, and yes I will upgrade to one of those iPhone 5C. Some has said it may be a class difference thing when purchasing the cheaper iPhone, I think NOT! The price is just not on that level to actually call it cheap. And because it is plastic does not mean it is literally cheap nor does it look cheap. It has class on it's own, celebrating the release of the first iPhone and for the first time ever targeting a larger set of audience with the customisation options of colours and covers. Although some might think there is absolutely nothing innovative about this, think again. It is more of just being innovative. It is not even suppose to be 2 new iPhones, the 5 C is just something extra (I think) and to have a choice not just black or white.

Here is something cool, not the official colours though but a nice idea of being versatile and appealing to a lot of different people. 

Hope you loved this article, give me your feedback on what you think about it and if Apple has really lost their "spark."

Till Later!

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