Monday, December 30, 2013

New horizons for 2014

Almost at that time of the year where everyone starts to count down until 2014. What a year it had been! So to just keep it short, I've worked on a few projects over the holiday time which i think you guys will love. For the new year I've prepared a surprise for everyone which I will talk about later but for now lets get to whats happening today!

You might have notice that some of the links at the top navigation bar of my blog has been updated and can now access more stuff. Well to kick off 2014 I will post a weekly wallpaper that can be downloaded to your screen resolution size! I've put in a lot of time making this accessible to everyone so I am keeping the file sizes low but still in high quality suited for your desktop resolution.

I've prepared a very simple graphic wallpaper for you guys. You can find it in the next post with all the download specifications. Please note that if you cannot find your screen size, please leave me a comment and I will gladly add your screen resolution to the collection.

So go check it out and tune back tomorrow to find out more about the surprise!

Till Later!

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