Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! Again?

So I woke up this morning realising it is a day before Christmas! MAN how time sure flies when you are being kept busy. This year have been a hell of a year with many challenges and exciting beginnings for most people. I for one surely had a relatively great year. Even though there were some stages I felt like flinging myself off a building I luckily had a rope tied to my waist.

I can proudly say that I was positive and good things came onto my path which opened my eyes and appreciate life even more. I graduated (yay!) which wasn't really the highlight of my year, I am just glad I made it through.

So what I really wanted to confess is that I didn't really achieve my goal for blogging so much... sigh... but that is life, hey? It doesn't always turn out as planned, this I can say with a year of experience!

Thanks for making this year awesome, for everyone who contributed to my degree and thank you for the support in what have been a crazy year. To all those who I done some design work, thank you for believing in me. Next year will be a challenge since I am entering the industry with more mile points to be set, but there is always time for another design ;-)

So enjoy your festive holidays and be safe!
Merry Christmas.

Till Later!

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