Saturday, March 3, 2012

Young Designers Simulcast

I was one of the few lucky students to have been chosen to go the Design Indaba Young Designers Simulcast. This is an amazing opportunity and incredible experience that I would surely recommend to every designer/ creative.

People like Aaron Koblin, Porky Hefer, John Bielenberg, Andrew Shoben, Chris Milk, Bjarke Ingels, FoxP2, and Hellicar& Lewis (just to name few) came to share their way of thinking with everyone. These people are incredible and inspired me to look at design like never before. I saw through them how the design industry looks and work, and how big of an impact design actually can have on the world.

Designers should be more open minded and have fun rather than to worry about what the final product will look like. As Piet Hein Eek said; "Don't think of the results, jump in, something will come up" What I also learned is that we as young designers are too scared to take risks anymore. We stay inside the boundaries of design and never take a chance to move outside it. Maybe we are to scared that we will get crushed? but FoxP2 made it clear that we should "Fail, and Fail Harder" because if we don't fail, we will never grow. "Nothing interesting happens when you know where your idea is going!" - Paul Sahre

Another thing I found inspiring is that we as designers want our work to be 'out there' and be remembered. We are also afraid to leap and go bigger than we want to which I learned is just plain stupid. Why not risk everything? Do what you love to do and reach as many people as possible. "Make experiences that creates memories" - Hellicar & Lewis

So thank you to my lectures that gave me this opportunity to go and experience all this fantastic speakers. I am so inspired and ready to start living! I am defiantly going to go to this every year. 
‎"Designers stopped asking difficult questions, why?" - Clive van Heerden

Till Later!

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