Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make Some Noise - Limited Edition Merchandise

Did an awesome project a month ago that we needed to think of an issue (or personal issue) and make it aware on a poster. I chose puma as my sponser and designed a T-shirt as my limited edition object. For this limited edition object I had to designed the packaging as well.

My issue is reckless driving and people who speed. My target market was urban youth. The style I used is a graphic style that is a very common with race car stickers. I illustrated the whole graphic and used a colour pallet of two colours, black and red. I illustrated two dices flinging towards the audience because of a car crash. The tagline is at the bottom and is illustrated into a odometer. The 'C' of the dice is flipping which changes the tagline to 'Wanna Dice?' to 'Wanna Die?'

This was a really great project and I am thinking more of going into the packaging and printing profession!

Till Later!

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