Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coding for iOS made easy

So, I've been searching for almost 4 months what would be the most efficient and easiest way to learn Objective-C coding for the iOS to develop your own Apps. Since I am planning in designing my first App for my desertion I thought "hey, it can't hurt knowing how to code."

So I came across the Stanford University podcast classes on iTunes U and I have to tell you guys that is was quite a head scratcher figuring out what that guy was talking about. I decided to continue my hunt to search for a more easier way to approach this "coding" business. On YouTube I found this guys called Chris who was struggling with the same issue, not only me, but multiple people has. So Chris decided to start his own website helping idiots like me to start coding from scratch. I must say her is brilliant in explaining things in colour where the Stanford classes left me in the world of black and white.

So thanks Chris for making my life easier and actually explaining details for a person who doesn't know much about coding. Sure I fiddle around with some HTML code but also using Google as my guide though... For anyone who is new to coding and needs to learn the basics, and I am talking about BASICS basics, just check out to start learning Objective-C and how to write code. And take it from someone who has no coding background, it is really worth reading this guys guides and watching his videos on YouTube.

Here is an introduction video to his online tutorials;

Hopefully you guys will get to see some of my progress later when I actually have some visuals ;-)

Till Later,

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