Thursday, August 15, 2013

Designing with the Golden Ratio

As we all know the designers at Apple has an attention to detail and that everything these designers design they really put in a lot of effort and long hours of brainstorming. If you tuned in to the WWDC this year you might have saw the new interface design for the new iOS 7 (operating system for Apple devices).

What is interesting with most of Apple's designs are that they use the Golden Ratio which lead to harmonious proportions in aesthetic design. This method of design was identified in the 16th Century already and today are being used as the backbone for most designs. Here are an example of the Golden Ratio being used in Apple’s icon designs;

So as you can see the Golden Ratio is very important in the designing of icons/logos. This is something (I feel) a designer should consider when designing if it is a logo or a layout. We are probably more familiar with the term 'grid system.' The images below you will see a clear grid system in the new icon designs of Apples iOS 7;

Using a grid system can sometimes constrain a designer to design freely but it makes you think more creatively, forcing you to fit shapes like a puzzle. I really think this method of designing can enrich ones designs. I don't think this should apply to all designs but for starting a new project, creating a foundation can help a lot!

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