Thursday, June 2, 2011

On the Roll again!

Hey guys!
Been a while, but I am back for another adventure with the everyday life of a Graphic Designer!
After a very hectic month and a lot of hair tugging through projects and history assignments it finally ended and I can relax again! Anyway!

I started my month with an AWESOME project in photography called HDR (High Dynamic Range). It is making your images look better! What you need to do it is well a SLR camera, a tripod, and a cool venue. Yesterday a group of us walked halfway up Table Mountain and took photographs from there and got AMAZING shots! Well some of it is cool, was too windy and FREEZING COLD which effected most of the photographs.

Today a bigger group of us drove up to Signal Hill where we took better shots then the previous day. Tomorrow is the last day of shooting and I am planning to walk Table Mountain again to do my finals, but this time I will be prepared!
Drop by tomorrow to see the final day!

Till later!



Did a Panoramic as well. This is the best Panoramic photograph I ever did! Tell me what you think?

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