Friday, May 31, 2013

LIVE Campaign: ODF

In mid 2012 a group of us received a project looking for a cause that we as young graphic designers can help support. The criteria was to find a NGO who are struggling to find support and help them out buy designing a campaign which will turn out to run as a live campaign if the NGO is willing to put their funds towards a campaign.

Our cause we chose was the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) which helps donate organs to patients in need of organs. We saw this as a potential problem in South Africa because of the lack of donors and the need for organs. We approached the ODF and proposed what we want to do, they where excited to help and supported us all the way throughout the process of the project.

After 6 weeks of planning, designing, and refining some minor details, we presented the final proposal to the ODF and to our department. The concept of the campaign was a success, unfortunately the ODF couldn't run the campaign because of limited funds. In spite of actually running the campaign, we got to experience what it is to plan, design, and present a campaign proposal. Working with the ODF was amazing and we gained experience in working with live clients and understanding the principles of communication.

So here is how it rolled out;

#1: Poster for the 7 day campaign. What the campaign is all about and what activities will happen in 7 days time.
*Click on image to enlarge

#2: Created a hypothetical website that will be launched before the campaign for the campaign and future use. This would be the face for the campaign but still linked to the ODF's official website.

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*A mobile site will also be launched which will be accessible to a larger audience and draws more traffic to the website self.

#3: We also designed T-Shirts with some humorous quotes to lighten the seriousness of the topic.
#4: There is also a brochure that has a magnet at the back so you can post it on your fridge and be reminded of the cause. But to make it more interesting to have is it can be used as a bookmark, you can fold the brochure over the edge of you page, and be reminded of the cause when opening a book.

#5: Last but not the least, we made 2 videos which shows how you as an individual can save 7 lives one day by signing up as an organ donor. We made use of silhouettes so it applies to everyone out there. It is also effective because any person can relate to it, and of course some humour was incorporated to keep the audience attention and make them feel good.



This was an amazing project and one of my best team efforts I ever dealt with. I enjoyed it tremendously even though we didn't sleep much! I want to give recognition to my team members; Nadia, Gina, and Robert for working together on this project. We are a well oiled group which can take on any challenge.

So please sign up and become an organ donor! Even from 6 feet below, you can make a difference to 7 above.

Till Later!

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