Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Changing Perspective

So I've been wondering how to be more creative every day. It is hard to maintain a creative mindset when you design. This is something I have been struggling with a lot lately. Since I started with my 4th year of studying it kind of created the sense of 'lets do research and ignore designing for a while.' Even though there is a lot of work that goes hand in hand and time management can become quite difficult to control, there is still this voice inside of me screaming to pic up a pencil to draw. Which is weird because drawing is not my strongest skill. And when you hold that pencil you realize how out of practice you are and you are stuck (designers block).

To get into this habit of designing new innovative things, you have to lay down some ground rules for yourself which will help you in being creative mentally and physically. Here is some things that can help you motivate yourself:

1. Reading graphic or any type of creative material. Even if it is a good novel or just reading comic books. Magazines and creative blogs is what keeps me going. I either get inspired by something and hop onto illustrator and experiment, or sometimes I just get an idea that I would make a note of and later follow up. N.B.It's good to take notes!

2. The second thing I would recommend is to subscribe to a YouTube channel and Facebook community pages. This is just another way of motivating yourself. You might see a photo on Facebook that has been done by another designer which interest you and you want to check out his/her work. That leads to more ideas for yourself!

3. Listen to music. Maybe you are one of those people who doesn't listen to a lot of music or may none. I would recommend to hop onto iTunes and just listen to the top10 at least. Music helps to stimulate you mind and also helps you relax. Even if it is alternative, pop, hip-hop, classic or rap it is GOOD to listen to something. Sometimes you might not even realize where you got your next great idea from. Music does play a great role in either expressing or motivating yourself.

4. Another important thing is to have a twitter account... This might not sound relevant but I assure you it helps! Following famous designers or reading the latest trends and news helps A LOT! REALLY! Just go and try it and you'll see what I mean. Staying up to date with the real world has a great impact on the way you think while designing.

5. Last but not the least it is important to have great designer circles. What I meant by this is plain simple Friends. Friends plays the biggest role in your designs because you have discussions about things that bothers you and always seeks to find something new to do. That new stuff helps making you see bigger pictures and well, create new ideas! As for my group of friends we would always reminisce how we can change the world through improving bad designs.

So remember next time when you are out with your friends discussing how bad that coffee shop menu looks or you get a tweet with a link to a new trending video on YouTube, take notes for next time you are bored and messing around on illustrator or photoshop. Who knows, it might just be the next big thing!

Till Later!

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