Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Upgrade #1

Hey guys. I've upgrade my blog to be more accessible to everyone. With new features (and a new surprise that is coming your way) just makes it better and more fun to browse.

New Features:
Reactions block!
Underneath the blog posts there will appear reaction blocks that will have 3 different reactions in them so that you can place your reaction to what you think about the post. It's almost like the 'Like' feature in Facebook.

Tips & Tricks on your Camera!
Are you, as a photographer, struggling to take the right photograph? always comes out not like you wanted it to? or over or under exposed? Well visit my blog and check out this cool helpful notice block that will help you set your camera on the right settings for the ultimate photograph!

Post Tags.
I added this new feature to my blog posts so that it is easier to find stuff on my blog. On the left hand side are 2 notice blocks namely; "Check out my Stuff" and "My Photography Sets." Clicking on the tags, stated underneath these titles, will take you to where you want to be more faster.

Stuff that Moved/Changed:
What's up on my Fan Page? + Follow my Blog
WHAT? IT'S GONE? Don't worry, it didn't disappear, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and there it is. I moved it because it was kinda in the way...

Font on my blog
Yeah, the font changed to make it more legible to everyone. It also more legible on your mobile phone!

So I hope you guys enjoy everything that have upgraded or changed. If anything still looks wrong, faulty or not readable please let me know (via comment, mail) so that I can change it and make it better. If you also have suggestions that I can put on the blog, let me know!
Please keep your eye on my blog for more interesting stuff to come and the surprise...

Till Later!

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