Friday, April 1, 2011

Tissue Box Project_20110401

Hey guys! This week I started the 2nd term of my 2nd year Graphic Design course. We got an exciting project to do which I was really... Me!

The challenge was to redesign a simple everyday tissue box and give it a more exciting look and feel. Not only should the box be redesigned but be made eco-friendly so that it can be re-use after being used. I had to choose a tissue box brand and a target market to work with. I choose the Kleenex brand and children between the ages of 6-10 years for my target market.

Well long story short, I designed the box into a classic Looney Tunes cartoon theme with 4 characters children likes most. I integrated 4 mini boxes onto my box design that can be cut out, stick together and be played with. Not only does the box help for all the colds and blowing noses, but also serve as a fun game that will fulfill a child's need for some entertainment.

Take a look:

I had fun doing this project and are strongly considering to take up packaging for a profession...
Till Later!

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