Sunday, January 8, 2012

FC NOW on Your Mobile!

Hey guys!
Here is something neat for those who does not have internet access at home and always struggle to read big websites on your mobile phone. 
Franco Creations introduce the new and latest feature of viewing FC blog 2012 on your mobile phone! Yeah you heard right, you can now view my blog on your mobile by entering the exact URL of the existing blog. (I am still working on getting a QR Code for my blog)

Just go to your web browser on your mobile phone and just enter the following URL:
It is a simple as that. NO large files, NO loading and NO waiting! How amazing is that?
You can stay in touch with all my photographs, posts, etc. instantly in your pocket! So go and try it out!

NB*If you experience any difficulties or glitches, PLEASE send me a post or email so I can correct it for your convenience.

Thanx and enjoy following me on your mobile!
Till Later!

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