Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Business Cards???

Yeah guys, you heard right! I am working on my new business cards!
My first business cards looked like this  ➤ ➤

Why change my business cards? Well during the past 2 years I gained a lot of experience on layouts, corporate ID design and learning what looks good. I am intergrading my new look with my business cards, well lets just say its kinda a NEW new look that was the first idea for my blog upgrade this year but I never took it further. Thanx to one of my friends who opened my eyes on how to look at type and objects in different ways now I am certainly going to use it for my business cards!

I have to change my business cards at the end of the year anyway for my own corporate ID year end project but as always I am a step a head of everyone and think that THIS could be the ultimate business card. (lol)

So keep an eye out for any sneak peaks!
Till Later!

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