Sunday, April 1, 2012

Invisible Borders. Moving Perceptions.

Hi guys, here is something you might like.
As designers we have obligations to certain things in life. One of those obligations are problem solving because we are problem solvers and communicators. So I was asked to work in a group where we were divided in 5 sectors n.l. Move, Play, Eat, Work, and Sleep. This project needed to have an issue/ problem in the specific sector in Cape Town, South Africa.

My group got 'Move' with hints like; mobility, traffic, transport, etc. But we decided to take another route and choose to work with the topic figuratively. We looked at problems in this sector and found that people in the Cape are actually living separately lives but talks as if they are one city. We needed to highlight this problem, deconstruct this issue and try to find a solution.

For our proposal to the WDC (World Capital Design) we created a video presentation that highlights our problem, how it started and asking the question 'why is it still going on? why re-live history?'

Invisible Borders. Moving Perceptions.

*can't view this?

So we impressed the board of the WDC with our rad video editing skills and it was a kick ass presentation! ;-) We needed to get the boards attention and make them aware of this problem. They will then decide to use one of the issues to support and solve it before 2014.

We also had to create some sort of 'leave-behind' so they can take it with them and present it to their board. (A lot of presenting... but that is life!) Anyway so we created a DVD cover where our presentation was put onto a disc and into this cover to give it to the WDC guys. This does not only acts as a DVD cover but it unfolds as a poster with two sides (Because every problem has two sides to it).

- The one side shows how the citizens of Cape Town perceive the different areas in the city. This is the front cover where we decided to make it in the form of Cape Town (Die-cuted) with the invisible borders of how people perceives it. It unravels into a mosaic with all the hate and bad imagery of people and the media.

- The back side is the positive images where the areas in the city actually looks like that and is good and not what people make it to be. We linked these images with each other from good to better to best to show how you can move your perception.

Here is how it looked:

So we hope to have captured the peoples attention and that they will see this a big problem and that we need to stand up and do something about this before it gets even worse. Cape Town is drifting apart even though people don't see it.

This was my first official proposal to a big organization and though it was hectic doing it, I enjoyed it a lot! Creating a campaign or writing up a brief of a problem is NOT as easy as it sounds. But I think my group and I did a great job! Thanks guys for all the help!

Till Later!