Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tough times lies ahead

Have I ever told you guys how awful it is to keep up with writing. Yep, you probably have notice my lack of posting stuff during the course of this year.

So I've return to this awkward blank space once again making up some crap story why I "couldn't write this year." This is mainly because of two things: #1 – I SUCK AT KEEPING MY OWN DEADLINE SCHEDULES... and #2 – basically I am just f*(!N lazy to keep up with my on-the-side projects.

I finally pulled through in designing my website which almost took about a year to complete. I will go into that a bit later but yeah I achieved stuff this year. Got a job, worked my ass off to pay the bills. Oh yeah learned about paying my own bills, buying A LOT of stuff online. Got another job, still worked my ass off but still manage to enjoy and grow in what I do and being who I am. So it's been one hell of a crazy-busy 2014.

By now you might have noticed my blog have gotten a bit of a face lift. Yep, I've decided to link it to my website (which btw can be found by clicking on this link) to make it a bit easier to keep everything together and updated.

Big plans (WITH SET SCHEDULES AND REMINDERS) are in place for 2015 and it's going to be a blast! So enjoy the last hours of 2014 as we head into the new year. Keep an eye out on my website or on my social media to get the latest updated and posts ;-)

Happy 2015 to all!