Friday, June 7, 2013

Fatigue Friday

So we are back at Friday! Wow weeks sure flies by this year... I felt like the year just started now we are heading towards christmas again! Anyway, this has been a crazy week. Let me give you a summary.
Monday; no sleep, typing proposal for thesis. Tuesday; still no sleep but can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this proposal... Wednesday; luckily slept like 5 hours and still did a mind map and info-graphic and ran to the printers. Dropped off my proposal with prints and rushed to the other side of town to help my dad paint our new home with just 5 hours of sleep... Thursday; luckily got my 9 hours of sleep but had to wake up SUPER early to...well... go pain the damn house! Today; woke up like 11am and decided to sort out mail, problems at class, and sort out my music selection. (I know music selection doesn't count as hard work, believe me, if your music library looked like mine after a month, well...)

So from today I am officially on holiday for like a month! I got an internship I am super excited about which I will keep you guys updated on. Furthermore I will be spending some time working on my blog so don't leave too soon, great things are coming your way! So enjoy the weekend and go have fun!

Till Later!