Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tough times lies ahead

Have I ever told you guys how awful it is to keep up with writing. Yep, you probably have notice my lack of posting stuff during the course of this year.

So I've return to this awkward blank space once again making up some crap story why I "couldn't write this year." This is mainly because of two things: #1 – I SUCK AT KEEPING MY OWN DEADLINE SCHEDULES... and #2 – basically I am just f*(!N lazy to keep up with my on-the-side projects.

I finally pulled through in designing my website which almost took about a year to complete. I will go into that a bit later but yeah I achieved stuff this year. Got a job, worked my ass off to pay the bills. Oh yeah learned about paying my own bills, buying A LOT of stuff online. Got another job, still worked my ass off but still manage to enjoy and grow in what I do and being who I am. So it's been one hell of a crazy-busy 2014.

By now you might have noticed my blog have gotten a bit of a face lift. Yep, I've decided to link it to my website (which btw can be found by clicking on this link) to make it a bit easier to keep everything together and updated.

Big plans (WITH SET SCHEDULES AND REMINDERS) are in place for 2015 and it's going to be a blast! So enjoy the last hours of 2014 as we head into the new year. Keep an eye out on my website or on my social media to get the latest updated and posts ;-)

Happy 2015 to all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New exciting horizons to look forward to!

I have something awesome to share with all of you! I finally entered the world of web and I am planning to take it further and go big! So without further ado here is some insight in my latest project I've been working on for a couple of months now.

- The official Cable Clinic website -

With most modern websites people expect to see breathtaking or or just plain simple pages. Most people like to interact, others prefer to just access the content they need in the quickest and easiest way possible. This does not mean one should create a dull looking site because it will load faster. There are many ways of designing a beautiful website and still have it loads without waiting about 2-3 minutes.

These days websites don't even have multiple pages to navigate through but only has one page that scrolls up and down. This makes it easier and faster to navigate through a site without having various pages with different sets of content scattered all over the place. Keeping design simple and clean makes if more user friendly and information can be easily absorbed.

It is proven that iconography plays a big role in universal design and especially in web design as it creates an easy understanding of what is trying to be said. In a way it summarises and categorise amounts of information.

This website might be in it's early stages and have a lot room for improvement, but this is what feedback from customers are for? Creating a very simple menu bar, with big large headings dividing each (supposedly to be "page") into sections makes it fun and easy to navigate through.

What also needs to be considered is that almost 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile phones or tablets. So having a flexible website that can be viewed on a mobile or tablet is a MUST. I did a short survey in my thesis by researching whether people use a computer or their phone to browse, and I found that more than 80% of people uses their mobile. This is a survey done in South Africa but I am sure that many people all around the world uses their mobile phones to source information.

For Cable Clinic I basically created two versions for the website. A mobile site and a PC site. The difference is that the PC site has one scrolling page where the mobile site has multiple pages. What is also different is the start page for the mobile site gives you access to the three most important sets of information i.e. contact details, email, and Facebook.

Just to warp it up, the design language for this website goes with the clean look and feel for the business. Creating of circular icons engages a user in wanting to browse through the site or interact with if on a mobile device.
This was a really good exercise to start something entirely new and it is just the beginning for more complex websites with bigger and better graphics. Keep an eye out for more posts and updates!

Till later,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Feeling creative all of a sudden...

On this winter Saturday night I have the urge to be creative so I am working on some new content and an exciting project which cannot be made public at this stage. I can however give you some insight of things that I am busy with.

Every year I promise myself to share some rad designs with everyone but as we grow older one tend to get more responsible. And with responsibility one needs to get your head in gear to survive in the real world which obviously leads to work, work, oh yeah and work. I cannot describe to you how this drains the energy and life right out of a person. Somedays you want to fling yourself off a building and other days you feel like screaming or punch stuff. But what I do hate about work is that it dramatically absorbs your time. There are so many days I wish that I could be creative and express myself in my own personal work and designs but really, I mean, who's got time for that when you have bigger responsibilities?

Well things might be changing soon or not, I don't know. Maybe I will spend more time doing the things I love the most? But enough chit-chat about what is going or not going to happen, we will just have to wait and see.

I am working on new corporate ID stuff and for the first time ever I have entered the world of web design & development thanks to a new handy tool that does all of the thinking for me! ...maybe not all of the thinking though, but let's just say I am in love with this tool and we work fantastic together ;-)
More details to come on this bit of news in the next week or so.

But for now I have bored everyone already so lets just call it a night.
Till Later!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Surprise too late?

Yeah I know, I know... The surprise was not revealed as promised but there was some technicals difficulties but all sorted now! Stay tuned this weekend, 17-19 Jan 2014 for the big reveal. I will keep you posted all the way so don't worry, you guys will love this.

Till Later!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

You guys have been awesome the past year and I am privilege to have such a big support from all of you! Thanks for the incredible year 2013, even though there was some tough times, we seemed to have survived it. Now we look ahead to 2014 where for some of us starts a new chapter and set new goals.

I have a lot planned for 2014 and hope you do too!
So Happy New Year to each one of you and be sure to check this space daily for new up and coming projects!

I will start off the new year by introducing you to an all new project I've been working on #backin2013;-). I created desktop calendars which you can download for free and apply them to your computer walls! I will upload them later today, but be sure to swing by and get yours before January flies by.

Till Later!