Monday, July 30, 2012

Data Visualization: Unemployment

Hi guys! So this is the first time for me to design an infographic.

This project was aimed at collecting raw data from a social issue of choice. I choose to unemployment in South Africa because it is such a big issue. Every South African knows this a massive issue but do they really? That is why I thought to bring this issue to front and make people more aware of it.

I went with a clean vector look so it is easy to read but also to make it look professional, because I think we have to address this issue professionally and quite serious. After a lot of research I narrowed down my questions and kept it straight to the point and easy to understand as well. Here is the final, check it out and feel free to tell me what you think;

Till Later!

Monday, July 23, 2012

WebDesign Training

We had website training for a week and a half. The first week was hell, I had to learn coding which wasn't so bad, but for a designer like me who is really not a fan of maths I admit, it's not fun. After that week our trainer told us that there is an easier way to create websites using the design interface... without code... SERIOUSLY!!! So we basically it was a waste of time. I know coding is cool to know and you can always go back and fix something if you have problem but I feel that for that limited time we could have gotten more advance training to be better in designing websites.

Anyway! I should probably stop complaining because I am good in what I do and I strive to do better. So I went and did more research and improved my web design skills. Here is my final website for the project. Enjoy!

*(P.S. this is not a live website, this is a screen grab)
Till Later!

Friday, July 20, 2012

TrashBack Urbin Design Competition

A few people from outside tech came to brief us on competition entires. This was integrated into our term schedule and was going to be marked as a normal project, and well be entered for the competition. We this was the first time we worked with live clients. It was a real challenge for everyone and a big adjustment from the usual projects. But the biggest challenge was signing up for one of the 3 competitions...

There was 3 options; TFG Gift Card Design (Illustrations), TrashBack Project (Design Techniques, 3D objects), and Music Video (Flash animation, video). As you can imagine EVERYONE wanted to do the TFG Gift Card Design because hey, we are graphic designers that loves illustrations and layout. But of course there was a limit to each competition... Man was that an interesting sign up... Luckily no one got hurt but there was a vibe.

SO I got the honor to NOT doing what I wanted and got placed on the TrashBack Project. I must admit, it was more fun then I imagined and I enjoyed it. I think it was one of those projects that just pulled me out of my comfort zone to try something different. Here is the final product.

Unfortunately I didn't get nominated and well I didn't win, but I can proudly say that two of my friends won from our institution! Check them out on the TrashBack Website.
Till Later!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fantasy Object Drawing

So we got this project. Very interesting project. So interesting that I actually didn't got it a 100%.
Well I've been to the first two classes and then I got sent to the Design Indaba Simulcast which was a lifetime experience. I didn't have time to do this project well so I did it in one nights time, yeah I went from 7pm to 7am without taking a break. I must say I didn't do that well, I wish I could have gotten a second chance to redo this project though. O' well, it's life I guess, you win you lose. But I must say I don't regret giving up class to go to the Simulcast!

Here is a scamp I did before the final. We had to bring an object to class and do an observational drawing from it.

This is the final. What we had to do is draw an imaginary fantasy object that we created from various pieces of mechanisms and machines. As you can see I came up with something simple that is kind of possible but also not. Well at least I did the project!

So tune in later for more uploads and well more impressive work (sarcasm)
Till Later!

Really Busy!

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't been present for the couple of months. 3rd year isn't really chilled like I planned it would be. What I've been up to? A LOT OF THINGS! A LOT!

There has been interviews, campaign designing, design day planning, moving, drama, and that is just a few I can think off right now. I will be giving attention to my blog asap but I am actually sitting in the Media24 office right now, busy with my work-shadow for next term.

I can officially say that Publishing is for me! People think it's like the movies and TV Series (Ugly Betty vibe) but you know, it's really not that dramatic as they make it to be. Sure the busy office life and organizing is hectic but I realize that this is my environment that I want to be in. I wouldn't mind coming to this every day for the rest of my life. I just want to design and organize.

So keep an eye on my blog for more updates. Will be uploading some of my work pretty soon, but for now cheers!

Till Later!