Friday, July 20, 2012

TrashBack Urbin Design Competition

A few people from outside tech came to brief us on competition entires. This was integrated into our term schedule and was going to be marked as a normal project, and well be entered for the competition. We this was the first time we worked with live clients. It was a real challenge for everyone and a big adjustment from the usual projects. But the biggest challenge was signing up for one of the 3 competitions...

There was 3 options; TFG Gift Card Design (Illustrations), TrashBack Project (Design Techniques, 3D objects), and Music Video (Flash animation, video). As you can imagine EVERYONE wanted to do the TFG Gift Card Design because hey, we are graphic designers that loves illustrations and layout. But of course there was a limit to each competition... Man was that an interesting sign up... Luckily no one got hurt but there was a vibe.

SO I got the honor to NOT doing what I wanted and got placed on the TrashBack Project. I must admit, it was more fun then I imagined and I enjoyed it. I think it was one of those projects that just pulled me out of my comfort zone to try something different. Here is the final product.

Unfortunately I didn't get nominated and well I didn't win, but I can proudly say that two of my friends won from our institution! Check them out on the TrashBack Website.
Till Later!

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