Sunday, February 12, 2012

Began with a Bang

So I guess third year is exactly how it is going to be in the design industry... It's challenging and a lot of work! Luckily if graphic design is our passion it is fun!

We started off with this awesome group project where we got an item that was produced in the Cape and we had to research and interview the product's think, design and production process. My group got The Big Issue magazine that is only sold on the streets of Cape Town. We only got a week to find information and turn it into a A0 poster.

This project was great but really challenging because of the group work situation. We were 16 in a group and let me tell you, it is not easy working in a group this size! Luckily everyone was willing and gave it everything and we finished in 4 days! Thanks to all my group members starting off the first year with this great energy and positivity! Hope this whole year will be like this.

Here is the final product. Enjoy!
Till Later!