Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BEST Photograph EVER!

I did it!
I finally achieved my goal for the best photograph I ever took. I mean in a few months I will probably take another awesome photograph and think that will be the next ultimate photograph. But today, right now, I feel this is the best I ever achieved in photography.
I was feeling kinda down the past few days and though that my photography skills are starting to disintegrating. Luckily spending some time with my friend, walking around and taking random shots I got back in the game and this time I will not back down.

From me to you - It is a fact that when you develop a skill like playing guitar, drawing, even driving you just have to keep practicing it. When a skill doesn't get practiced enough it starts to weaken and later just be on the list of "what I used to do" and believe me you don't want your skills to end up there.

Practice makes Perfect.
Till Later!