Friday, January 2, 2015

Introducing NEW Desktop Calendars

So we are at the second day of 2015 and many of you are probably heading back home from the holidays. It's time to start preparing yourself for the busy year that lies ahead, planning the month of January. I thought of making your life a bit easier!

Many of us stare at a screen most of the day whether you are at work, maybe at home or even
on the go with a laptop. You change your wallpaper once in a while to keep you from staring at that same picture everyday, right? Why not change it to something that is useful but still looks good?

Introducing January 2015 Desktop Calendar

I've kept is really simple as we all just want to see which day of the month it is. The weekends are highlighted to not only remind you that it is Friday but to create a break between the weeks. I was inspired by this year's fireworks which spiralled into awesome shapes. The spiral design also creates a sense of movement as the days rotates like the hours on a clock. As it is summer here in South Africa I wanted to create a beach-summer-swim vibe with the picture of a wave crushing from above.

There are two types of calendars which you can choose from to set as your desktop wallpaper. First one is a standard static image which can easily be set as a wallpaper. The second one is what I call a sequence wallpaper which updates on a daily basis and indicates which day it is. Here is my list of instructions to help you apply the wallpaper. If you struggle to figure it out send me an email to so I can help you.

This calendar will benefit each and everyone that works on a desktop computer daily. I am always looking to find a calendar in a hurry when I need to organise things ahead of time.

Here are the download links (also available on my site):

 HD Desktop Screen (1980 pixels x 1080 pixels)
Static Calendar
Sequence Calendar
Sequence Calendar - Zip folder

Standard Laptop Screen (1440 pixels x 785 pixels)
Static Calendar
Sequence Calendar
Sequence Calendar - Zip folder

Enjoy the new wallpaper and tell me what you think. Like it? don't like it? Let me know, I want to make improvements where I can. If you have any ideas for another image also let me know. I will be running a small poll on my Facebook Page later this month, to see what everyone would like for February's calendar.


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