Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iOS 7 Revealed!

It is finally here! The day we all where waiting for! iOS is being released today and I think many of us cannot wait to hit that download soon. Luckily I am registered as a developer and could download it much earlier and I have been using it for 4 days now and there is only one word to describe it; MIND-BLOWING!!!

Just to recap what iOS will have in stock for you guys. Well it's completely re-designed in the look & feel. The font is thin and clean looking, the icons have been re-designed to a more smoother edge. The way you work on the iOS have changed completely but is more accessible. Everything looks and works just perfect. Check out some screen shots I took;

Isn't it just beautiful? I mean after all these year the iOS has finally changed in the way we handle our iPhones every day. Everything is smooth, exciting and evens feels great when working on it. A lot of features have been added to the iOS 7 that was always complained about or missing from the iOS 6. The reception of the iPhone with the new iOS 7 is fantastic. Usually I would be lucky to get 3 bars of reception, now it is full all the time.

Answering your iPhone has never been easier. In the previous iOS version when you received a call the slider usually gets stuck and does not want to slide to answer. Now imagine how frustrating that must have been... I am proud to announce that it has been fixed. The battery life on your iPhone is AMAZING! I get full 4 days with my iPhone now where I use to get only 2 days (BTW I still own the iPhone 4). With that said, I unfortunately don't have all the features such as Siri and the moving backgrounds, but it's ok, the iOS self is MIND-BLOWING! What I love about the iOS the most is the fact that when you apply a wallpaper your entire iOS changes into that colour pallet, it is SO freakin' awesome! I just love everything about it. Oh and don't forget the new ringtones that came along with the iOS. Personally it is not so much Apple's style of ringtones, but I understand that they wanted to make it fun, hence the colour options and personalisation of everything. But it still cool to have an entire new iOS that makes a 2 year old phone feel like a brand new one.

So to end of, I really feel that if you own an iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S or iPhone 5 you should really consider updating! The update is big though, 1.3 Gig download, but believe me it is TOTALLY worth it. Here is a demo video I did with the new iOS showing off the fun new features. Enjoy

Till Later!

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