Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Sims 4 Images Leaked

So this might not be so much design but more a hobby of mine. Well, I most of the time get my design ideas from games. I love Sims, there, I admit it. So to talk about the reveal, just a few months ago a sketch was revealed, by the lead concept artist, Albert Truong, of The Sims 4:

And just a few days ago some images leaked, a week before the Gamescom. I would hope that this was done by a fan or are just more conceptual images, because to be honest I am NOT very happy with whats going on. When I saw the sketch above I though, OMG what is happening to Sims! Are the creators leading towards more cartoony style? Are they following the trend of simplifying their designs as every other company? Will Sims actually improve for next generation gaming?

I read multiple blogs and comments of Sims fans who are not happy with the simplicity of the designs. Dozens of fans emphasised that they want more realistic looking Sims and objects, and now the developers of Sims has taken a different route. Will this choice upset the rest of their fan base? Will fans actually rebel against purchasing the game just because of this choice? Or will this turn around and be a great success? Who knows?

Personally I don't think this choice was a good one. Looking from a design perspective, there is always new innovative ways of designing and what is happening here is that Sims to be taking a step backward. well, I had my say so here are the leaked images, judge for yourself;

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